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Web design has come a long way and your site will reflect a current design.  Years from now, when you're ready for another look, it will still be fully upgradeable so you don't have to start from scratch!
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Your website is built with a Content Management System called Joomla. That means it has a strong backbone for tons of upgrades and future growth.
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Your site will be built on a reliable, redundant system.  That means it stays online, runs quickly and has a reliable backup.  Already have a site and domain?  We can work with most hosting companies.
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BusinessPeopleYou want your business to be among the first listed in the Google searches.  You paid top dollar to get an awesome website that does everything you want.  What else can you do?  A whole lot!  


Many businesses overlook the simple marketing tactics available through popular internet services like Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In and more!  The more places you put your name, the better!  In today's world, you want your information available everywhere possible.  You could pay somebody to promote your business so you don't have to think about it, but you could do a lot of the footwork on your own. You really should consider listing your business on some of the following websites. 


    • Facebook: This is a definite place to be.  It's free, it's easy, and everybody uses it.  If you don't have a Facebook page, get one.  And if you can't afford your own website, keep your Facebook page current and promote yourself with it!


  • Google Maps:  Have a business?  Promote yourself on Google Maps.  It will make it easy for people to find you and you can add in company information, hours, telephone numbers and much more!  Google Maps also gives your customers the chance to review your business.  This is an awesome way to promote yourself in today's world...but it can also really hurt.  If you aren't good to your customers, they'll let you know!  (By the way, if you have an at home business, you don't have to publish your home address.  You can generalize your address.)
  • Bing Maps: Not everybody uses Google.  For those who don't, add your business to Bing!  Just like Google, they have maps with reviews, directions, and lots of information that you can customize so your customers see what you want to promote!
  • YouTube:  If you have any commercials, put them on YouTube.   Yes, you want them on your website, but also put them on YouTube.  There's a wealth of information there and it's nice to have your information there too!
  • Wikipedia:  This option isn't available to everybody, but it is an option.  If you are somebody famous, noteworthy, or do something of historical value you may try to promote yourself on Wikipedia.  I will tell you, it's not easy promotion.  You will have to create an information article with lots of links, references and one that is not entirely self promotional.  But Wikipedia is a big deal in today's world.


There are many other places you can promote yourself and your business.  Try your hometown's website or put an ad on Craigslist.  Hopefully this list will give you a jump start with some good ideas of other websites to use!


  • Dr Christina McGough

    Love it! A job well done!

    Dr. Christina McGough


  • Gary McSpadden

    Ben has done an excellent job building and maintaining the websites for our church and ministry over the last 6 years. We count on him for all our web based applications: web sites, databases, social media and email blasts.

    Gary McSpadden

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