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Make Advertising Fun - Robust Sites And VideoMarketing is essential to keep your business in the eyes and minds of your customers. Sometimes however it seems we try too hard to promote ourselves.

For example, your Facebook advertisement this week says the same thing as last week’s ad, and the week before. Or maybe it doesn't feel like you have a reason for sending this week's email blast, because you said it all last week. It feels so redundant and you wonder if your customers think so too.

Break up your regular advertising schedule with a little fun! Holidays and special events are great times for fun messages that will make your customers smile while reminding them you're still there.


(Keeping Up With The Joneses)

Internet is continuing to expand.  It's now on your computer, your telephone, your tablet, your video gaming system, and soon to be at more electronic devices that you'll have to get.  The digital age is continuing to grow, but is your website?


Electronic gadgets are growing by leaps and bounds but try surfing to different websites on them.  Most websites are not user friendly on a smartphone.  Yes, you can zoom in and move the screen around, but that's not convenient.   Oftentimes half the content doesn't even show up!

BusinessPeopleYou want your business to be among the first listed in the Google searches.  You paid top dollar to get an awesome website that does everything you want.  What else can you do?  A whole lot!  


Many businesses overlook the simple marketing tactics available through popular internet services like Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In and more!  The more places you put your name, the better!  In today's world, you want your information available everywhere possible.  You could pay somebody to promote your business so you don't have to think about it, but you could do a lot of the footwork on your own. You really should consider listing your business on some of the following websites.