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(Keeping Up With The Joneses)

Internet is continuing to expand.  It's now on your computer, your telephone, your tablet, your video gaming system, and soon to be at more electronic devices that you'll have to get.  The digital age is continuing to grow, but is your website?


Electronic gadgets are growing by leaps and bounds but try surfing to different websites on them.  Most websites are not user friendly on a smartphone.  Yes, you can zoom in and move the screen around, but that's not convenient.   Oftentimes half the content doesn't even show up!


Web design is changing, and so should your website. 

  • Flash is out (Apple devices still don't support it).
  • Those cool effects that light up when you hover the mouse over them...useless.  You can't hover on smartphones and tablets.
  • BIG graphics that take advantage of our bigger computer monitors...not so hot on a small screen.


In today's age, less on your website is more.  The flashy designs aren't really needed because they no longer work.  Most current sites are growing more simplistic with a focus on what's really important: content. 


Does your website work well on a tablet or phone?A new route, one that I'm liking more and more, uses a new code called html5.  With this code you can create a "responsive website", a site that adjusts to the screen size of whatever device you're using to surf the web. uses html5 and this site is responsive.  Adjust the size of your browser window to see what it can do.  Make your browser smaller and the screen responds to it.  The logo gets smaller, the text boxes move around and even line up vertically for smaller screens. 


The advantages to responsive web design are obvious.  Less design work and better continuity across different devices.  Let us know if you like the idea of responsive website design.  We'll put together a site that could launch you to the next level!