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Make Advertising Fun - Robust Sites And VideoMarketing is essential to keep your business in the eyes and minds of your customers. Sometimes however it seems we try too hard to promote ourselves.

For example, your Facebook advertisement this week says the same thing as last week’s ad, and the week before. Or maybe it doesn't feel like you have a reason for sending this week's email blast, because you said it all last week. It feels so redundant and you wonder if your customers think so too.

Break up your regular advertising schedule with a little fun! Holidays and special events are great times for fun messages that will make your customers smile while reminding them you're still there.


This April Fools (2015) I enjoyed some of the brilliantly executed "pranks" from some of the bigger businesses out there.  Below is some of the advertising I think is worth sharing:


Petbox - Social media marketing from Redbox

I got an email from Redbox promoting their new brand Petbox.  My wife and I had a fun time with this showing our kids the new service from Redbox.  My 8 year old was disappointed to find out it was an April Fools prank.  I'm curious how many others were fooled by this marketing promo.  I think it's brilliant!  Redbox took A LOT of time and creativity putting this together and it's a great promotion.  It makes you smile and you remember who they are!  They even offered a little discount to get a movie that day.


XRay Glasses - April Fools advertising from Zenni

Zenni Optical is one of the companies that I request email advertisements from because they have some incredible deals on glasses. I think they sent this same ad last year. It's a fun idea and it's another example of a promotion that has a little fun.



Branson Missouri is almost my hometown. I've worked there for the past couple of decades. The city was able to get some MAJOR advertising for free in this elaborate prank put together by Richard Branson and his company Virgin. It's a fun video!


Pac Man On Google Maps
Pac Man Legend On Google Maps

I had some fun with a game of Pac Man from Google Maps. Simply click the legend at the bottom left corner of the screen. Normally its just the option to switch between map view and satellite view. On April Fools you could also choose Pac Man view! Once you click the Pac Man button your map turns into a game map for the little yellow chomper and the 4 ghosts. The streets become the paths for Pac Man to chomp across, and when you go off the screen you even show up on the other side! It was tons of fun, much more than I expected!


Retro Amazon

I stumbled onto a blast from the past on They dialed back the clock and made their website look like it did in 1999. Is it sad that I remember when websites looked that way? (Maybe not, some sites still tote that look.) The whole thing was kind of neat, until I was ready to search for my purchase. Then the site promptly returned back to reality as soon as I clicked on the screen. Totally awesome dude! Wait, that's the 80's...