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The following attributes are what you can expect from your website.

website hosting optionsHosting

Your website has to be stored on somebody's computer - that's what hosting is.  You've likely heard of Go Daddy - they are one of the more affordable options for hosting today, though some of their site options limit how large your website can be built.  Hostmonster isn't as widely known, but they are also affordable and offer no limit to size and bandwidth.

Joomla Content ManagementContent Management

We use Joomla (a content management system) to create your website.  It soups up a site with loads of options so it's convenient to add just about anything you want.  Joomla takes a normal website and makes it a cutting edge tool for your business.

make your website easy to findSearch Engine Optimization

SEO is more than a magic recipe to get your business to the top of Google. It’s a combination of unique steps in your site’s structure and making sure the search engines know about you. We create a website that is easy for the search engines to sort through and then make sure they know where to look.

We make your website robust with graphicsRobust Flavorful Graphics

Today's media-savvy society is used to lots of pictures and video - plain text isn't enough.  Your site will include as many pictures and graphics as possible to keep surfers interest levels up.  We can also publish your video or commercials to your site!


responsive html5 web designResponsive HTML5 Design

People are looking for your website on smartphones, tablets, and other devices besides the traditional computer.  Your site will respond to their device by stretching out or scrunching down to fit their browser.  And they'll still be able to read it!