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Extra Options For Your Website

Video:  Why send your customers to Youtube,

show them video on your own website!

Calendar:  Promote upcoming events or

events that repeat weekly, monhtly, or annually

Use someone's RSS feed or make your own!

(An RSS feed is a type of news feed.)

Integrate your facebook page with your website!

Customers can like you from your own page.

If you don't have facebook we can help you create an account.

Need the pulse of your customers?

Post online polls to find out what they really think.

Create private content that is only available

to customers with an account or a password.

Make your own website forum or online community.

Members can personalize their accounts and

network together!

Localize your website with area weather.

Make Your Webiste Mobile Ready!

Create a mobile version of your website

so smartphone users can get to your information easily.

use your imagination

The options begin and end with your imagination.

-Sell your products online

-List a weekly podcast

-Take online payments

-Include a search engine to sort through your site